Board of Trustees

The board is responsible for the governance of Big Sky Fire Department, serving to oversee and form its broad policies.



Mission of the Board: Represent, Provide, Preserve, Protect

Represent our constituents
Provide the resources needed by the Big Sky Fire Department
Preserve the trust and property of our constituents
Protect the lives, health, and safety of our residents and visitors


Mission Statement of the Big Sky Fire District Board of Trustees

The Big Sky Fire Department Board of Trustees seeks to:

Represent our constituents and respond to their needs and concerns; serve with integrity and transparency; treat everyone with respect; and deserve the trust of the community and emergency responders.

Provide the resources needed for fire and life safety services to residents and visitors in a fiscally prudent fashion balancing the benefits of these services against the cost. The Board will achieve these objectives by listening to the community and emergency response professionals, cooperating with other organizations and neighboring jurisdictions, and seeking the most efficient and best use of funds through effective budgeting and long range planning. The Board shall provide leadership to the Department as well as the community at large and serve as stewards of the Fire Department’s and community’s resources.

Preserve the trust and property of our constituents by ensuring the availability of appropriate emergency response services, disaster and fire prevention services, and public education. Providing these services requires planning, reliable equipment, extensive training, adequate staffing, and the adoption of and compliance with appropriate standards based on state codes, national codes and best practices. In a geographically isolated urban-wild land interface that requires a high degree of self-sufficiency, educating the community about how to address fire and life safety challenges is essential.

Protect the lives, health and safety of residents and visitors in medical emergencies and natural or human-caused disasters by ensuring that the Big Sky Fire Department operates at the highest level of safety, efficiency, professionalism, preparation, collaboration, and training. Further, the Board will protect the community’s investment in the Big Sky Fire Department by providing fiscal and management oversight of the Department to ensure adequate resources, leadership, readiness, and performance.

Alan McClain 

Board Chair

Alan McClain was elected as a member of the Big Sky Fire Department Board of Trustees in 2011. Alan is originally from rural northeastern Kansas and moved to Big Sky full-time in the winter of 1992/93 to learn how to ski. Since moving to Big Sky, Alan spent 14 years with the Big Sky Ski Patrol and is the owner of Big Sky Landscaping. Alan is married to Danielle, Lone Peak High Librarian, and they have two great kids and one cat, “Mack Attack”. Alan “loves Big Sky and is committed to living here and making this a great community to live in.”

Carol Collins

Board Vice Chair 

Carol Collins has served as a member of the Big Sky Fire Department Board of Trustees since 2001. Carol is originally from Philadelphia, PA and moved to Big Sky from Alaska in 1989. Carol chose Big Sky for the beauty and small town flavor after living in a small town in Alaska. Carol volunteers her time for a number of organizations. In addition to the Big Sky Fire Department she currently serves on the Gallatin County Board of Park Commissioners and also volunteers with various events throughout Big Sky and Bozeman, Montana. Carol also was on the Big Sky Resort Tax Board for 15 years, served on the Big Sky/Gallatin Canyon Zoning Advisory Board for 10 years, was involved with the Crail Ranch in Big Sky,  and worked on trails and parks in Big Sky. Carol worked for First Security Bank until 2018, prior to that she worked for the Big Sky Owners Association for 15 years as well as experience in the restaurant and accounting industries. Carol is married with two grown children and is a grandparent to a beautiful granddaughter. She also has a dog. Carol states that “Serving on the Board of Trustees for the Big Sky Fire Department is amazing – being part of such a dedicated, hardworking and enthusiastic group makes my position on the Board very rewarding.”

Matt Dodd 

Board Secretary/Treasurer

Matt Dodd came to Big Sky from Georgia as a twenty-one-year old ski instructor in 2000. He continued working for Big Sky Ski School through 2009, marrying his wife Ashley on Mr. K in 2007. The two left in 2009 so Matt could attend law school but returned as full-time residents in 2013 to raise their two children, Piper and Jasper. Since their return, Matt served four years (2014 –2018) on the Board for Morningstar Learning Center and joined the Big Sky Fire Board in 2018. Matt is “excited to give back to the community which has given him so much and wants to ensure the men and women of the BSFD have the tools and support they need to protect our growing community.”

Renae Schumacher 

Board Member

Renae Schumacher moved from Sturgis, SD to Big Sky in 1993 where she met and married her husband Steve.  They are raising their 3 boys and 2 dogs in this spectacular place.  Renae has served on various boards in the community throughout the years:  Big Sky Chamber, Big Sky Arts Association, homeowners associations, and 2 terms on the Big Sky Resort Tax board.  She also volunteers her time at the school with the middle school and high school basketball programs.  Renae has made Big Sky her home and takes pride in being involved with these active boards that help shape this community.

Deb Lewis 

Board Member 

Deb joined the board in 2018. She is originally from Southern California but had always wanted to live in a rural mountainous area. When it came time for college she considered heading to Colorado but her family, who were originally from Livingston, convinced her to take a look at Bozeman. She fell in love with the area and attended MSU for undergrad. After that she moved to St. Louis for medical school and ended up staying for residency and beyond. She always wanted to come back to Montana and in 2001 finally made that happen. She already had part ownership in a Big Sky condo and eventually was able to make it her home. She took a position at St. James Healthcare in Butte and has remained on staff with them. Deb has a deep love for the Big Sky community and feels lucky to be part of it. She looks forward to contributing to the ongoing health and wellbeing of our town.