Fire District and Insurance Information

Information detailing insurance and properties covered by BSFD

The Big Sky Fire Department (BSFD) is a full service emergency response agency with 30 career Firefighter/Paramedics providing structural and wildland fire suppression, rescue and advanced life support ambulance services to a 80 square mile fire district in Gallatin County and Madison County, Montana.  BSFD responds to approximately 1200 calls for service annually with roughly 80% of these being requests to respond to medical emergencies.


Alarm monitoring companies should be directed to call Gallatin County 911 at 406-582-2100 to request a response from BSFD.  For non-emergency information, BSFD can be reached during normal business hours at 406-995-2100.

Station Locations

Station 1 (Meadow Station)

  • 650 Rainbow Trout Run in Gallatin County
  • (Lat/Lon: +45° 15′ 32.83″, -111° 18′ 43.85″)

Station 2 (Mountain Station)

  • 9091 Lone Mountain Trail in Madison County
  • (Lat/Lon: +45° 17′ 33.48″, -111° 23′ 40.94″)


For insurance information regarding distances from the fire station and distance from fire hydrants please use the interactive map below. Zoom in on the map using the + button to view the fire hydrant layer. Check and uncheck layers on the left hand side to view them or to remove them from the map. BSFD will not provide official determinations regarding response times and/or distances from stations due to the varying topography and weather conditions found in the Big Sky area.

ISO Classification

BSFD has been given an Insurance Services Office (ISO) Class 4/4X, which means that homes located in-district, within 5 road miles of either of the above stations and having fire hydrants or BSFD approved fill sites in their subdivision have a Class 4 rating for property insurance underwriting purposes.

Portions of the Big Sky area have water supplies and hydrants that are maintained by the Big Sky Water and Sewer District (406-995-2660).  Questions regarding hydrant locations and their capacities can be directed to them.  Many homeowner associations (HOAs) also maintain their own private water systems with hydrants.  Specific information regarding them should directed to the HOA (there are over 100 HOAs in Big Sky so that information is site specific).

In-District subdivisions/properties beyond 5 miles or those within 5 miles that do not have fire hydrants have a Class 4X rating.

Out-of-district properties have a Class 10 rating (no recognized fire protection) as they are not within the district boundaries and have no fire service protection (see next section).


Non-Resident Landowners Voting in District Elections

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Wildfire Risk To the District

Properties Covered By BSFD

While many properties and subdivisions in the Big Sky area have met BSFD requirements and sought annexation into the District, there remain a number of properties that are not in-district.  Only properties that pay BSFD property taxes are in-district. BSFD reserves the right to not respond out of the district.  Responses will only be done if BSFD resources are available and the District will not guarantee that a response will be made.  Responses made out-of-district may be subject to having to pay BSFD for services rendered.

To determine if your property is in-district in Gallatin County, go to the Gallatin County Treasurer’s website (Gallatin County Tax Search) and enter your address in the search engine.  An example page is shown below with a red circle around the “BSF” that is only present if the property is within the Big Sky Fire District.


gallatin county webpage example
In Madison County, if you are in Levy District “52 Out – Gallatin Fire”, you are within the BSF District.  Individual properties can be checked by accessing the Madison County Treasurer’s website (Madison County Tax Search) and entering your address into the search engine.  An example page is shown below with a red circle around the “52OUT-GF” which indicates that the property is within the Big Sky Fire District.
madison county tax statement
big sky fire district map