Our Staff

Committed to Providing the Big Sky Area with the Highest Quality Service

The Big Sky Fire Department utilizes both career members, who staff Station 1 in Westfork Meadows 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and paid on-call members, who respond from home when needed.

The 24 hour coverage is provided career members work 48 hour shifts and are then off for 96 hours before returning to duty.

Below is a list of our staff, what position they hold and what year they started with (or rejoined) BSFD as either a paid on-call or career member.  All of our staff hold National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians certifications in addition to State of Montana prehospital emergency medical licenses.  Where shown, NRP stands for Nationally Registered Paramedic and NREMT stands for Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician.

big sky fire department staff in front of fire truck

Fire Chief

William Farhat, NRP, 2011


Administrative Officer Alecia Fischer, 2009

Administrative Assistant Mara Mitchell, 2016


Deputy Fire Chief Greg Megaard, 2016

Training Captain Jeff Bolton, NRP, 2017

Community Risk Management

Deputy Fire Chief Dustin Tetrault, NRP, 2018

Captain – Vacant, to be filled in 2021 


A Shift

Battalion Chief Seth Barker, NRP, 2000

Captain Jason Gras, NRP, 1998

Firefighter John Foster, NREMT, 2010

Firefighter Dennis Rush, NREMT, 2012

Firefighter Travis DuBois, NRP, 2015

Firefighter Cory Phillips, NRP, 2017

Firefighter Seth Nowlin, NREMT, 2017

One Firefighter Position to be filled 2021-2022



New Career Members

Firefighter Matt Migel, NRP, 2019

Firefighter Chris Mohr, NREMT, 2019


B Shift

Battalion Chief Dan Sheil, NRP, 2004

Captain Mitch Hamel, NREMT, 2010

Firefighter Matt Mohr, NREMT, 2004

Firefighter Michael Ketschek, NRP, 2015

Firefighter/Maint. Coord. Adam DuComb, NREMT, 2016

Firefighter David Parker, NRP, 2017

Firefighter Taylor Lee, NRP, 2018

Two Firefighting Positions to be filled 2021-2022


C Shift

Battalion Chief Stephen Pruiett, NRP, 2011

Captain Mark Loomis, NREMT, 2007

Firefighter/Maint. Coord. Greg Clark, NRP, 2006

Firefighter Matt Kendziorski, NRP, 2010

Firefighter Aaron Kammann, NREMT, 2016

Firefighter Shane Farmer, NREMT, 2018

One Firefighter Position to be filled 2021-2022

On-Call Members

Heather Walker, NREMT, 2014

Matt Knight, NREMT, 2018